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At Aso Sanctuario, we're dedicated to improving the lives of dogs across the Philippines.
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    • Basic Membership Tier

    • Subscription Fee: Php 1,200 per year
    • Benefits:

      • Access to member-exclusive newsletters and updates.
      • 10% discount on all products and services offered by the organization.
      • Invitation to member-only events and webinars.
    • Founder's Circle Membership Tier

    • Invitation-only tier for select individuals who make a significant contribution to the organization's mission and vision.
    • Subscription Fee: Variable (based on individual contributions)
    • Benefits:

      • Exclusive access to private roundtable discussions with organization leadership.
      • Opportunity to participate in strategic planning sessions and decision-making processes.
      • Customized recognition and gratitude gestures tailored to the individual's contribution.
      • Right to propose, vote, and join our organization's preferred guilds.

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